Martin Luther King Day Poem

I tried to teach my four-year old who Martin Luther King was today. I pulled up a video of King’s “I Have A Dream” speech. My son watched intently for a short while, not really understanding what it was about, but at the same time now having a picture in his head of this important person. He was obviously paying attention because when his Grandpa called a few minutes later he asked him, “Do you know Martin Luther King?”

I told my son we were going to write a poem together. He was up for the challenge, as he is quite the little thinker and likes to talk and come up with ideas. First, I asked him to think about the kids in his class at school and tell me how some kids might be different from him. His first response was, “Some people are small and some people are big.” I was surprised, at how quickly he understood what I was looking for.

Next, I asked him to tell me how all the kids are alike. He said, “We all need food.” We continued back and forth like this until we came up with a sweet little poem. I encourage you to try this and see what deep thinkers your kids can be. You could do it as a whole group or it could be something kids work on individually, depending on their age. When I asked my son if anyone has skin that is different than his, he said, “Some people have freckles.” When I asked him what color Martin Luther King’s skin was he said, “Grey.” He was correct. The video I showed him was in black and white. Even though my son still has a lot to learn about King and the importance of this National Holiday, it never hurts to start young. My son is aware of some differences in people, but I love how he really sees how we are all alike or equal. Here is his sweet poem…

Martin Luther King Day Poem

Some people are small and some are big.

We all need food.

Some people wear different outfits.

We all need clothing.

Some people are mean and some people are nice.

We all need love.

Some people celebrate different holidays.

We all need family.

Some people get hurt.

We all need to be taken care of.

Some people have freckles.

We all are beautiful.

~Do Better & Shine